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Our artists have created some of the most stunning covers.

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Your reader’s eyes will first catch your book’s cover. This is the moment where most readers often decide whether they are interested in a book or not. So along with a great writeup, catchy name for your book, you also need mesmerizing covers and illustrations to grab the reader’s attention.

This is why Geeks Ghostwriting has hired some of the leading artists full-time. Our illustrators have decades of experience combined and they create covers that make books stand out. Contact us and we will provide you with amazing covers!

Our Artists’ Creativity
Has Been Unmatched!

Our designers are known for being cool and this reflects from their illustrations. Some of the bestselling and notable authors and magazines often seek creativity services from us.

Our Team Knows It Is Second to None! Get your Cover!

We believe our artists are our creative geeks. It reflects from their illustrations. Some of the bestselling and notable authors as well as magazines often seek creativity services from us!

The Leading Bestsellers Are Known Because of Their Covers

You may not remember every author’s name, but you often recognize and remember the most interesting books by their covers! This is why we have some of the best artists under our roof!

Customized Covers

Whether it’s an e-book or a printed one, we create beautiful and unique covers every time. It does not matter if you want one main cover or two, we have you covered!

Hard-Book Covers

Your book’s theme will match with some of our best illustrative work. For hard-books, leather and textured designs will certainly make your book stand out and memorable.

Artistic Cover-Designs

We have sketchers and calligraphers in our team. If you want a unique way to present your book or its message then this is what you need!

In-Book Illustrations

Depending on your genre or your choice, adding illustrations inside your book are necessary to enhance and showcase your work!

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Get Economical and Stellar Books Have Your Book Stand Out!

Hardback and
Paperback Books

Fine Linen
Cloth Covers

Plain or Textured
Cover Materials

Foil Stamping, Embossing
and Blind Embossing

Printed or
Colored Endpapers

Stylish Head and
Tail Bands in Various Colors

Full Wrap Around
Laminated Dust Jacket

Spot UV Varnishes
and Laminates

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