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What Our Marketing Services Offer


You have a book, but you can only sell what shows.

We utilize our services to make your book attractive. Turn it into a top seller.


It’s easy to rely on your publisher to set pricing.

Our experts know what price to set for each book as per its genre, etc.


An always connected world means you have to sell soft copies too!

You need to reach your audience online. We know popular and trusted publishers in the industry!


A good price won’t let your book sell by itself.

Our marketing team has the necessary experience on hand to market and sell your book well.

Book Marketing & Distribution Services

Promote your book with companies like Amazon’s Create Space, Kindle Direct Publishing, and many traditional publishers

Promote your book the right way, and take your book from the back of the shelf to bestseller. Our publishing industry experience working directly with companies like Amazon’s CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and many traditional publishers means we know what it takes to get your book into readers’ hands.
Our book marketing service is tailored to your goals, your
genre, and your skill level. Whether you’re starting from
scratch or refining your current efforts, we commit to offer the following;
  • Award Winning book writers capable of writing on a diverse range of topics.
  • Result driven and engaging promotional marketing materials.
  • Offering complete assistance to our clients by offering a hassle-free distribution services for their books.
  • We post creative book video trailers to create a digital hype about your upcoming book.
  • We research and promote your book to targeted media publications generating publicity opportunities.
  • Our experienced marketers ensure to run a responsive and profitable campaign.
  • We offer quality services in the most feasible price to ensure that the expense stays within your budget.

The Marketing Services You Need!

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Our Marketing Services Encompass Everything Book-Related!

Our Expert Marketers Offer These Services

Our marketing team offers every service imaginable to help you promote your book. Whether what you seek is how to present your book or sell it well or from recommending material types to conducting press releases, we know how books sell.


Designing and creating your own dedicated, and professional website increases awareness and salability.

Press Releases

Conducting press releases to increase avenues of showcasing your book.

Online Reputation

Running online advertisement campaigns will multiply your intended reach and sales.


Other Ways We Can Help

  • Consulting with professionals will identify key marketing areas that you need to focus on and we will help you with.
  • Offer you custom packages to ensure you efficiently present your message to intended audience.
  • Remain popular and continue to sell well.
  • Expand your outreach to new audiences and witness your ideas grow.
  • We have experts in culture, language and research who can appeal to your audience.

With Best Ghostwriting

What makes us stand out from our competition is our high quality of work and experience. Our team has a diverse background though most of them are American. Our patriotism is to serve you as we serve our country. We find ways for you to grow and let your message be known to your audience across the world. Whether your work needs quality ghostwriting to marketing, we offer every service in between and we do it well.

You Gain Recognition

With an experienced team, your work is of world-class standards and it is important in the world of writing. A great book means that it is easily marketable and publishable. Our team finds opportunities that let your work be recognized – not just in one country or language.

We believe in your work standing out. Our commitment is not just for you to have your name on your book, but also the rights and earnings from them. We fulfill our service agreement to ensure the limelight is solely yours to enjoy.

The Best Experience

You will notice the difference in our team from the moment you connect with us. With round the clock availability and a dedicated team at your service, you will enjoy the process that allows you to provide the details and story while we perfect it. This is the reason that we have helped sell bestsellers and earn authors millions in royalties.

We Value Your Money

We know how important it is to understand a client’s requirement rather than to force a service that may not be of their use. This is why we offer customized services against your goals and desired outcomes. Our team intends to allow you to create the most impact, depending on your genre, idea and intention. You should reach out to us by dropping a message or calling us. We are available 24/7 and await to serve you – providing you with the best value for your money.

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